About me

I began keeping bees about 10 years ago and what started as a hobby has gradually grown to take over much of my non (paid) working life.  I have grown increasingly aware of the big issues around pollution, plastic and chemical usage that underlie the big climate emergency but also impact on our daily lives. 

I now make, and encourage others to make conscious choices for change – starting small with my own beekeeping practices and choice to use soap rather than shower gels or handwash, I am hoping to remove single use plastics from my life one bottle at a time.

Mama’s beeswax is the result of extensive reading about how to use this fabulous natural product in our lives instead of harsh chemicals.  I aim to sustain in everything I make, choosing high quality plant-based products which are gentle, natural and effective.  I source as locally as I can, and when I do need to source from overseas, I seek suppliers that package and transport their products in as eco-friendly way as they can.

Everything I brand Mama’s beeswax, is handmade, by me, in Surrey.  My products are tested by me, my family and my closest friends. Everything is cruelty free.  When you buy from mama’s beeswax you are buying from an eco-conscious beekeeper and artisan crafter; you are supporting a small local business with high ethical and environmental standards, and when you compost the packaging (even my sticky dots are compostable!) and plant the soap labels you are completing the circle, the seeds will germinate and wild flowers bloom, supporting the UK pollinator population.

Mama’s beeswax products are certified and approved by a UK chemist for your safety and peace of mind.  These approvals are a requirement to be accepted as a member of the guild of craft soap and toiletry Makers.  Below are my credentials and registration number which can be verified on the official website https://gcstm.co.uk/